Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Filipino Pride? or Filipinos are so Proud?

Oh Man! I am completely disgusted with Filipinos who settled for behaving like shit on there comments towards how great filipino talents are and crap.

I am a huge American Idol fan. I'm crazy about it. Wishing that i was born and raised in America and so i could spend my time voting for my favorite contestants for 2 hours every single week. But favorably, i am very happy that I'm a 5 feet 7 inches tall, brown skinned, black hair,  Filipino guy who is so pampered by my ever supportive full blooded Pinoy parents who raised me with so much love. Yes, I am a Filipino and i'm freakin' Proud of it! But seriously, comments on youtube that says "Oh she's so great coz She's Filipino!" Now, that is so bias! The hell i care if she's filipino?, the pipes that is naturally God given to her is not based on her nationality. i understand that we should be proud and  be supportive of this woman but their is a line that needs to be drawn so it wont annoy others who visited her video just to praise solely on her talent and performance.

The "SHE" that I'm talking about is Jessica Sanchez is a Filipino-Mexican-American Singer from San Diego, California. She is one of the top 13 finalists of the Eleventh Season of American Idol. The funny thing is that their are only a few Mexicans who commented, that says that  they are proud of her because she's Mexican! The video is bombarded of comments by these "Proud" Filipinos. This is actually not the first time that i got irritated. It is not surprising that when it comes to the singing department, our race really does have what it takes to win. We have a cluster of different great singers and performers. However, it is very rare for us to have someone pierced through the Hollywood scene and make it big and so every time that someone becomes known, we filipinos, tend to make a BIG irritating SHOUT OUT out of it.

One thing is for sure. Regardless of someone's heritage, sex, gender preference, looks, we must appreciate what we see in them that makes them special. Never put a finger on something that is fixed and given. Talent is honed and is never put on. Filipinos are talented indeed, but talent is rare. Not all filipinos can sing, dance, act etc. See my point?


Tim Smithson said...

Well, it was blab that We pinoy loves honor. lol

Daniel said...

but theyre too much. just one "pinoy Pride" comment would be enough. Do they really need to echo that every single comment?toinks

Tim Smithson said...

We are born to do it. DOPE? hehehe